EggSell - The Free Range Co-operative
For the Producer

EggSell Producers Co-operative was formed in 2007 by East Yorkshire Farmers to bring together free range producers and work together to market their egg. Since its formation the Co-operative has grown significantly with producers throughout the country. The management is administered through the main EggSell office near Hornsea on the East Coast of Yorkshire.

Being part of the EggSell Co-operative means support and advice from Stewart Elliott and his team is always available either over the phone or through face to face visits. Whilst we aim to offer advice and support through our own experience, we do not insist on areas such as pullet suppliers or feed companies. Producers are offered discounts with several companies throughout the country, these being paid back in full to the producers. In addition to this support, a regular newsletter and six monthly meetings allows producers to share information and remain up to date with both the EggSell Co-operative and the industry as a whole. Regular auditing is carried out to ensure all producers meet Lion Standards and BEIC Lion and Freedom Foods approval. All of the eggs are collected from our producer farms by EggSell Ltd transport and delivered to the Elliott Eggs Ltd packing centre where all free range egg is now graded. From here orders are collated with colony egg which is produced and packed by K Fresh at Rimswell for distribution to our customers. The Annual General Meetings allow producers to stand for election to the board of directors. As farmers and free range producers for over twenty years, we are here to offer support and expertise to our co-operative members and also to seek external advice as and when required.

We work towards:

  • High Welfare Standards
  • Producer Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Excellent Marketing Reach
  • BRC 'AA' Approved Grading & Packing Centre